A Solution for Healthy, Suitable Growth in Bellingham

On February 1st, the Bellingham Planning Commission voted 4-2 to legalize Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (up to 800sq/ft houses in your neighbor’s  backyard) city wide, in single family zoned neighborhoods. Thankfully the PC is only a recommending body to the City Council. This is an uninformed, rash decision without an understanding of the facts or the basic needs of Bellingham residents.

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Please do not look back in 2023, wishing you had made a difference in the future of Bellingham. The permanent damage is about to happen.
We need you to take a simple step, and write a letter to our City Council TODAY.

Bellingham’s Planning Commission is devising to recommend the legalization of Detached Accessory Dwelling Units in Single Family Neighborhoods. In Bellingham’s 20 year Comprehensive Plan, DADUs were recognized to be only legal in Multi Family Zoned Neighborhoods.
As Bellingham has 20 years worth of developable land, DADUs will not help the city with affordable housing or homelessness.
DADUs will only damage the historic nature of many Bellingham neighborhoods without benefiting the city or its residents.

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Save Bellingham’s Single Family Neighborhoods
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